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Day 29 – Spaghetti alla Norma

Spaghetti alla norma

Spaghetti alla norma

The Vegetarian Dinner Diary Project

Tonight’s dinner – Spaghetti alla norma.

When honeymooning in Sicily many years ago I discovered the absolute delight of this delicious rich velvety eggplant pasta dish. Later I learned to recreate my own version and we still eat it quite often.

Consisting of onion, eggplant, peas, tomato, garlic and basil; it is easy to make and always satisfying. The combination of eggplant and peas seems unusual, yet they work beautifully together. Some recipes call for deep frying or roasting the eggplant, but I insist this is not necessary and the sauce can be made on the stove top in one pan only. It’s simple. smooth and really delicious – especially if you are a lover of both eggplant and pasta.


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